Humble Mistake

I don’t know about you, but I’ve definitely misunderstood humility.

Like most of you I was taught that humility is a virtue to be coveted and sought. The level of a person’s humbleness directly correlates to her likability. That she must always seek to play down her strengths and even occasionally deny their existence.

Personally,  I don’t think the idea of humility is to foster low self esteem.

We shy away from genuine compliments and desperately grasp on to negative observations. We hold them close and repeat them over and over like a prayer.

We use the guise of humility to hide our fears, that gnawing voice that whispers, “you’re not good enough.”

So far, this has been the hardest to write, because the idea of ‘being humble’ is one that constantly replays in my mind, in everything I do, say and am, I ask myself, is this humble?

Humility is supposed to counter arrogance, not belittle self worth.

I recently met a woman that could manipulate numbers so accurately she could tell us what our portion of the bill was without seeing the receipt. She struggled to admit that she was smart.

I told my stunning 4 year old niece that she looked beautiful. She said she would be prettier with make up.

Come on, people. We need to get a grip.

Say ‘thank you’ when a compliment is offered to you, don’t disregard it. Don’t panic and wonder if they’re teasing you. You’re a worthy human being.

Feed yourself. eb85c668fa87298ed8e820fdb49361a8

Humility is there to stop us shouting from the roof tops “look at me! look at me!” not fill us with dread and self loathing.

It is this misunderstanding of humility that creates comparison, it develops jealousy and it traps you, making sure you feel undeserving every step of the way.

Well I deserve and so do you.

Being humble means to share the spotlight and be comfortable enough in your own skin to genuinely celebrate the triumphs of others.

Get your glow on.

I guarantee it’ll be an epidemic. If one person can get this balance right, it’ll give the rest of us permission to radiate.

Humbleness is being able to shine even if you need to sit in the shadow.

I don’t need to dim in order for you to shine.


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