Label Lover

Our society loves labels. Straight. Gay. Black. White. Woman. Man. Single. Married.

Certainty eases fear.

So it should come to no surprise that I’d like also to add ‘good’ to my list of identifying labels. I strive to be a good person.

But why?

We’re told from an early age to be ‘good’. To be honest, obedient,  forgiving, kind, positive, hard working, and the list goes on. It’s an extensive expectation of high standards.

What I know about expectations is they are set to ensure your failure. Like the horizon, you’ll never get there.

Being the rebel that I am. I believe in balance.

Being good has it’s place. It provides foundational certainty. It’s comfortable, likeable and most agreeable.

Good is all smiles, bubbles, candy floss and forehead kisses.

So what then is the opposite? Being bad?

I’m talking, impulsiveness, seduction, risk taking. I mean lying, selfishness and eccentricity.

Bad is adrenaline. She’s adventure, story, and secret. She’s a whirlwind of lust and passion.

You see, fun resides in darkness. Hides herself in the forbidden.

For as long as I can remember, being good was my most coveted label. But, clearly, I’m not. I’m far too complex to be confined to that box.

I am the flame, the wave, the storm and the quake. I am the breeze, the current, the mountain and the flint.

I am shadows, hues and textures.

I am both responsible and reckless. And my mind can be the darkest night of all.

I am not good nor bad.I am simply human. Magically so.

Whipping myself with my sins have left me nothing but wanting. Embracing the swirls of day and night simply means that I must accept what is presented to me today.

Who I am now has to be enough.

You are your own measure. Your standard is the only one that matters. Your thoughts about yourself are the food or the poison to your soul.

There is a powerful magic that resides in darkness, and a healing glow that lives in light. You must allow yourself to harness them both.


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