Born With Purpose

Let me tell you a story.

I am not the first to tell it, and I will not be the last, but still it must be told. Because we have forgotten.

There are many stories of creation, each as profound and whole as another.
This is ours.

Tanemahuta, the god of the forest and birds, the bringer of light and the keeper of knowledge searched for the essence of life. He knew that the earth was void of emotion and of life. He traveled far and wide to find meaning and purpose.

Finally he spoke to his mother, and she whispered to him. “You will find what you’re looking for at Kurawaka. The essence of life.”

So, he went, powered by ancient incantations and hope. When he arrived at the red sand he knelt. In desperation he cried out for guidance, his hands began to shape the very first woman.

With his hands molding the earth, her thighs, her hips, her arms, her breasts, the angles of her face and the flow of her hair.

He looked in awe at his creation. He lent down to her face and with all his might he breathed life into her body, “tihei mauiora.”

He looked upon her beauty and called her “Hineahuone.” Their love produced ‘Hinetitama’ the very first human. A woman.

Obsessed with his daughters beauty, he seduced her.

Filled with shame and guilt Hinetitama descended into darkness and became “Hinenuitepo” the goddess and keeper of death.

So, why am I telling you this?

This story is a reminder of the power of women.

You, my sister, you are the bringer of life. The very essence of you is power. You are descendent of a long and ancient tradition of majestic women.

You are salvation. You are strength. You are oblivion.

You, my lady, are everything.

It may seem that you are a passenger, not steering, not in control. But that is a matter of perception. You hold the key, you have the power.

As women we often let guilt, fear and manipulation control us. Our maternal minds can so easily be used against us.

If you do not feel like a queen in your life, change it. Fight or flee, but do not sit in your misery.

This story, our creation was intentional. Your life has a purpose and your magic needs an outlet.

Do not let the persuasion of another diminish what is innately yours.

Let our story be your fuel. There are many like it. Look back at the long line of women who have triumphed, sacrificed, led and followed. Let the history of women charge you, may the wilderness of our creation be your guiding light.

Be free, my sister.


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