Poison or Power

There once lived a woman who knew.

She was born that way. Created in the image of the goddess herself.

She could not put words to her knowing, it was just there, in the pit of her stomach, in the voice in her head, in the pores of her skin.

She knew.

Many tried to divert her, to reassure her, they tried to devalue her and belittle her. But she knew.

Her soul cried out and she knew.

They tried to blind her, to deafen her, to coat her tongue with honey and then vinegar. And for a moment, she was lost.

Had she been betrayed by her knowing? Who could she trust if not herself? Was she being tricked by her soul?

Yes, they cried. Madness, they shouted. Paranoia! Insecurity! Jealousy! Crazy, they chanted.

For many years she wondered, senses dulled. Questioning every step and every touch. Her compass was faulty and so she was led. Dutifully she followed, trusting the sweet nothings, the caress and folly.

Obedience was a lesson hard learnt.  A poison swallowed daily.

Finally, after many dark nights, the goddess arrived by way of dream. She knelt down and the goddess pressed her lips against the woman’s heart. She called awake the flame named intuition.

Gently the goddess whispered music of the soul and her intuition began to dance. Slowly at first, like a foal on its feet. The goddess sung patiently and the foal grew, and intuition burned like wildfire.

Gleefully the goddess spun a cloak made of amour and dressed the woman tenderly. Kissing away her wounds, and stitching the gashes made of  torment.

Finally ready, the woman peeled open her eyes and blinked away the tears. Color flooded in and she remembered. She remembered her knowing.

Through the fog of gossip and lies she held on to intuition and it led her straight to truth. She had found freedom in her knowing.

Never again would the woman neglect her innate gift. The goddess had given her magic, her intuition the door to her unlimited power.

As she stood in her freedom, the woman wept. For many of her sisters remained blind, but they too had the knowing.

She vowed that she would use the song of the goddess to awaken them all.

And through the darkness she would slip her hand into her knowing and shatter her world with the magic of truth.

Sing to your knowing my sister, for within her you will find strength.


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