Words Fail

I have tried to write this, over and over.

I have tried to speak these words, but none would come.

I have cried the tears but could not share them.

But you must know.

I have watched darkness descend upon you. A terrifying endless night.

I watched you ground your feet as your body was ravaged by storm.

I could do nothing but watch.

I thought the pain of it would rip you apart, that you would lose the fight, that the light would dissipate from your eyes and you would retreat into your midnight.

I was afraid that I would lose you. But like the ocean consumes the rain, you did the suffering.

I saw you reborn and white light filled your footsteps as you walked. Eventually the sun rose and I breathed my first full breath.

I knew suffering had been carved into your bones, I saw the marks of the chisel you wore like armor and I bowed to the grace of your imperfection.

I trembled, for how could you stand when your blood had been drained.

For you, you who had been choked by the all mighty hand of agony and despair released yourself to its power and danced it into a rhythm.

Over and over the storm returned until finally the words had been stolen from me.

I searched within my own darkness and could not reach the depths of yours. I wanted to share in your pain but I could never know your plague.

In the end, all I can say is that I see you.

I see all of you. I see the infinite cloak of torment and the brilliant glow of your light.

I see you when you think all have looked away. I see the weight in your hands and the thorns upon your head.

I feared that my own pain of witnessing your suffering would overwhelm me and that I would crumble at your feet. I loath to burden you with my sympathy.

Your strength has brought me to my knees.

But this is what I have for you.

Know that I will stand with you in all of your storms. I won’t have any words to offer, but I will stand with you and brace for surely we are stronger together.


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