I was young when I learned I had an army that stood behind me.

I was young when I realised that those soldiers would watch me, especially when I stood in shadow.

I was young when those same soldiers pulled me out of flashing lights, away from hopeful eyes and frisky hands.

I was too young to understand that they saw things I didn’t and when they used their bodies like shields I resented their freedom.

I have lived my life under their watchful gaze, their guidance and often their judgement.

I learnt quickly to adapt to the standard that lay before me. Resistance was met only with insistence.

Carefully I held myself, never making a scene and leaving before dawn, all safely under my brother’s protection.

Why listen? Because when the lights go out they stand at the wings ready to set it on fire.

It takes great strength to lead, a burden they carry and a responsibility they were born into. But it also takes immeasurable strength to submit and follow.

This is the harmony and the balance. That one is not more than the other. That the love is founded by mutual respect.

For all the days of my life I know that I have a home under my brother’s roof, for all the moments that follow I know that the warriors wait, and for every moment that will come to pass, I know that should I fall, that army will reach out and catch me.

But they too should know, that the inner circle they protect are not without power. That our strength is in loyalty, in adoration, in endurance, in persistence, in wit and in sacrifice.

They too will never be without support. That we have stood unwavering before poison darts and would do so over and over again.

For them and for us.

This is our legacy to carry.

That our love for each other would be unrivaled. That the world would shudder at our wholeness.

How blessed I have been to be so loved that I could devote my entirety to this unit and despite the blemishes in the armour to know that they too feel the same.

Brothers in arms and sisters by their side.


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