Until You

In the aftermath of my heartbreak I began to doubt love.

Is it real? Can it last? It is temporary magic, a curse and an addiction?

I doubted love’s power and put weight in seduction, attraction and lust. Perhaps love was just another word for habit and convenience.

In my pessimism I stewed.

That is until I met you.

You, who finds joy in service, in giving, in the creation and maintenance of stability. You, who will answer every call, question and request and do so sweetly. You, who will patiently wait, stoke the fire and rock your children. You, who will feed not only his body but his soul. You, who would be his home and his salvation.

You, who would willingly carry his dark so that he can stand in the light.

And then I met him.

He who believes in loyalty, friendship and family above all else. He, who peels himself from warm covers and braves dawn before the sun. He, who binds himself to promises and breaks his back to deliver. He, who makes space at his table and laces kindness upon his tongue.

You, sir. You, who values her laugh more than riches. And you, who would go to war for her happiness.

Together, your love is worship. Its simplicity, its familiarity and its undeniable devotion.

And so it returned, my faith.

As I reveled in the glow of your connection. I saw love in unexpected corners.

Love, I heard in her voice as she growled over dirty dishes.

Love, I saw in the tender passing of busy parents.

Love, I felt in cheeky smiles, and flirtatious winks.

And love I knew, when they retire to bed among jumbled infant bodies and sigh with relief . This is their happiness. Their version of love.

I see now that love is in the commitment to appreciate the effort, to be patient with flaw, to encourage through weakness, to shield in attack and to give yourself truly every day.

Perhaps love too exists in sensational gestures, but today, I want a love that makes me coffee just the way I like it.


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