Dear Lady

Dearest Lady,

It has taken me months to pen these thoughts. Many hours of desperation and many moments of despair. I have torn myself to pieces and stitched them back again.

But finally, finally I know what to say.

Dear Lady, the man you lie next to, the spontaneous, carefree, impulsive man you share your life with is not the one I shared mine. He is a new man and this man is yours.

You have awoken in him all the things that I could not. You have given him purpose and wrapped him in a blanket of adoration. You feed him strength and he has grown from your nurture.

Dear Lady, I wanted so much to despise you. To blame you for our permanent end. To hate the way your skin contrasts his and to ache at your name upon his lips, but I could not. For you are a great woman, a better woman than I. His joy is yours to cherish.

Dear Lady, keep being you. Inside you he has found sanctuary and the blissful bond you share fills me with a painful kind of envy. In your arms he found the home he could not find in mine.

Dear Lady, only a goddess could love a man who shares a bond with another, as we do. Only a goddess could know her power is not rivalled by the past and trust truly in his devotion and integrity.

Dear Lady, know that I wish you happiness and I pray that your love lives long beyond the days of tomorrow. That my sadness comes only from the time we had, the wars we fought and the scars that will never heal. It comes from years of firsts, from a true knowing that our story is over.

Dear Lady, you have nothing to fear. That man will cherish you, hold you up when you’re defeated and stand by you in victory. He will protect you from all who would speak ill of your name and agree with all those that celebrate your existence.

Dear Lady, I would love to meet you. To embrace you. To hear your voice with my ears and see your face with my eyes. For we are sisters, sisters by having loved the same man.

Dear Lady, he is yours, completely.



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