Mirror Soul

There are not many souls who walk the earth that connect as we do.

Not many that see tears and don’t shudder.

Not many that feel agony and pour herself deeper.

Not many who would march fearlessly in darkest night.

But here you are.

We are two souls mixed in the same pitcher.

Destined to be misunderstood, to see the many faces of grey. To sit on the peak of eccentricity and occasionally dabble in lunacy. To be bass, beat and tempo and in the next breath be still, solitare and isolation.

For we are everything and nothing.

Nobody understands this better than us. And this is why.

We are mirror souls.

Blessed to share a connection millions will never have.

Many times you’ve told me that god gives the greatest struggle to those who can bare its weight, but why us? Why so much? Why these eyes and these minds and this pain?

After seeing you, I know why.

Because suffering trains us to appreciate joy when she finally comes. To truly bask in light because we have walked through torment. Just as we see the beauty of never ending night, we rejoice and worship the heat of day.

The universe has told us that we will not win every battle, and when time comes, we may not win the war but we would have fought ferociously. She gave us words so that we may tell the story and the heart so that we may understand it.

But mostly, she gave us each other. You are the bravest General I could ask for. The warrior an army makes and a goddess with whom I can share forever.

So I vow, in this life and the ones we haven’t yet lived, I will love you wholly. In plague and in promise.

I will sit with you in despair, and hold you in fear. I will chase away, suffering and praise you in triumph, for without doubt your love has been my shelter.

For you my mirror soul, for you I would chase the horizon knowing that should I cry out only you would hear it.


2 thoughts on “Mirror Soul

  1. I’ve crossed many paths in my time,
    And many have crossed mine.
    But what has always reigned true,
    Is when it comes to you,
    Is I and I and She,
    and You and I are We.
    Though we don’t flee, we may cry
    Maybe take it, a little too high
    But side by side, faces on.
    Strength in pen, strength in song.
    Strength in each other, to pull along.
    Love willed, faith instilled, memory filled, together rebuild. 💜

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