How are you, really?

How are you?

I’m good.
Been busy.
Getting there.

How are you?

Super happy.
In love.
Doing well.

How are you?

Well actually. . .

How are you?

I am angry and confused. I am tried and weepy. I am everything and I am nothing. And I don’t know why.

How are you?

I struggle with loneliness in a room full of people.
I want to do better but I’m stuck.
I cry because I’m worthless.
I’m lost and I don’t know who to tell.

How are you?

I’m not living my life the way I’ve dreamed.
I have no time, energy, money or patience.
I am frustrated and unfulfilled in my relationship.
I’m spiritually malnourished and can’t fine sustenance.

How are you?

I’m afraid. I don’t know who to turn to.
I don’t feel safe sharing my fears and my challenges.
I worry my weaknesses will define me, that people will avoid me, that I will wear my pain and be labelled by it.

How are you?

I am doing my absolute best every day.
I give my all to enduring each day as it comes.
I listen with kind ears and speak with a sensitive tongue.
I remind myself of my blessings and seek to forgive, grow and love.

How are you?

I’m imperfect.
I stumble.
I say things I shouldn’t.
I have looked upon others unfavourably, I have said things that are not true.
I am guilty of all manner of shortcomings.

But sister, how are you?

I am human.



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