What did she say?

How are you, really?

How are you? I'm good. Been busy. Getting there. How are you? Super happy. In love. Doing well. How are you? Well actually. . . How are you? I am angry and confused. I am tried and weepy. I am everything and I am nothing. And I don't know why. How are you? I struggle [...]


I told you so. . .

I have found myself in a situation that has now escalated and spiralled out of control. I was warned that it would. I was told clearly that I was skipping into quicksand and the rain I danced in was acid. But the glass bowl felt like crystal. It felt like precious moments. Like prayer, worship [...]

Welcome to you

A few things have been dancing across my busy little mind lately. Most of the thinking sounds something like "am I making the most out of my life?", "Am I doing enough? and could I do more?", "I should be prettier and kinder and more outgoing." It's actually a lot of emotional bashing on my [...]

I Am Too

I have always been commended for bravery. For being outgoing enough to pursue my dreams, for being articulate enough to shape my ideas, for being driven, impulsive and mostly for being courageous. It's a mask and I am an imposter. A sheep disguised as a wolf. I walk in fear daily. It is a constant internal battle and [...]

Mirror Soul

There are not many souls who walk the earth that connect as we do. Not many that see tears and don't shudder. Not many that feel agony and pour herself deeper. Not many who would march fearlessly in darkest night. But here you are. We are two souls mixed in the same pitcher. Destined to be misunderstood, to [...]

Dear Lady

Dearest Lady, It has taken me months to pen these thoughts. Many hours of desperation and many moments of despair. I have torn myself to pieces and stitched them back again. But finally, finally I know what to say. Dear Lady, the man you lie next to, the spontaneous, carefree, impulsive man you share your [...]