What did she say?

Closure, the Myth

Relationships should make you feel good and when they don't, it ends. Simple right? But what if it ends and you don't know why? What if you have questions? If you have feelings you want validated and actions you want explained. How will you be reassured that you were significant, that your love mattered, that [...]


I thought, forever.

When the whirlwind of lustful chase has settled and the moonlight whispers of lust have eased, what's left? I thought, forever. After stolen embrace, a wistful glance, a gentle caress, after all I thought, home. I believed, always. In lying  lovers embrace, praying for all saint's blessings. There I lay, kissing away your fears and [...]

I told you so. . .

I have found myself in a situation that has now escalated and spiralled out of control. I was warned that it would. I was told clearly that I was skipping into quicksand and the rain I danced in was acid. But the glass bowl felt like crystal. It felt like precious moments. Like prayer, worship [...]

Welcome to you

A few things have been dancing across my busy little mind lately. Most of the thinking sounds something like "am I making the most out of my life?", "Am I doing enough? and could I do more?", "I should be prettier and kinder and more outgoing." It's actually a lot of emotional bashing on my [...]